Thursday, May 17, 2012

"lugpos" & "vergana"

dear x, could you be a little more
appreciative, she looks pretty flex,
laugh your way thru hell, actually
kind of glad he finally shut up,
jesus what the hell’s my mother
going to think, who the hell cares
what you were doin’ in nineteen-
eighty-three, thru the orange
window pane acid, twenty year
long game of ping pong, how many
times have you changed your
name, per lugpos, tell me the
dreams you forget, there’s a
lot to be said for love,

get this text out of my face,
work as merely a caste mark of
inferiority, gabbro, one is always
craning ones neck, ammo hat,
should we work now or work
later, vergana, databending,
textbending, draw an em draw
a double-u, cacacacacaca,
never done one begun, status
updates are not public
domain are they, let’s keep
going so it looks like we
finished, this comes out of
the mix, splatter that,

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