Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"callidoodles" & "perek shirah"

we already ground thru this crap
numerous clausus, uh numerous
times, magic marker fine art,
info theif, uh thief, misery
bot, de, an impressive production,
this is from the time before we
we met, uh one we, we have the
faces and names mismatched,
callig, callidoodles, robert
anton wilson in folsom prison,
found photocopies, the face of
fresh, a scene to start with,
mailart cult, peter hide
buffer zone, before the event,

messmer, alternative regular,
imprisoned on charges of distracting
people from the tasks of industrial
construction with transsense
poetry, you can see where the
paper sat in the typewriter for
years, quarter grain ms, arthur
flegenheimer, suicide in rags,
doing violence to syntax, arc of
the rubberstamp, perek shirah,
nadia spreading, james slater,
whirl of language, bleyend,
chimaltenago, the alphabet city,

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