Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"sunnycide" & "gringo star"

it all looks so colourful,
sunnycide, a more orderly mind,
the days tick by one orange at a
time, say something nice about me,
pavo, supplements nothing, itrance,
slaveway, mamanuca joe, t-fal,
freedom writers, to have and not
to give, bran, collagene, last house
on the left, you must not change
one thing, anzac alberta, what’s
hip, more love and less
paperwork, punches a hole shaped
like a fish, top fresh, squirted
with the vivacity of an orange,

zero variation, only have a few
seconds a day to check your e-mail,
what is with all the marks,
takeets, having to shop at the end
of a long day, bust tickets, the
days we were going thru, gringo
star, who has time to mail shit,
the art was added two years
later, saint roud, did i write
that with my left hand,
what are all these skin folds,
pro-something coils, maybe you
need some new duds, food mart
sells no food, maguex, plunder,

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