Monday, May 14, 2012

"manotick" & "aucun"

good riddance lawyer, rubberstamp
that says new address, hihanna,
fuck we’ve gone over budget,
you can’t just go putting your
name on everything, poetry
matters, cash cluster, good dad
bad dad, manotick, i am
monitoring your consumption,
letter rip indicates, there ain’t
no free ride, accountability
pillar, art question mark,
not even, conceal the poetry,
mister pride here’s your money,
zero is the jackpot, shy of poetry,

existing revolving credit lines,
fine then don’t bug me, getting
closer to getting my name right,
vimy, why do i always feel like
i’m getting screwed, thank you
for letting us screw you, do
you remember those hard times,
aucun, maybe we better jump,
pay by phone, actually gone
missing, two years inflation,
go for a geddajob haircut,
get that change flowing, i
am getting gouged, waterton,

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