Saturday, May 19, 2012

"elsöbbségi" & "graag korting"

the library is hoppin’, think you
might like to work with books,
shaved pussy post, whatever
happened to the joke, whatever
happened to the wave, painful
memory lost, sakura ark, this
is obviously computerized,
there is no all anymore, i
don’t get it what’s the fuckin’
joke, the funny thing about
regret son, elsöbbségi,
canada not canaan, the ali’i,
who would want to take credit,

you wrecked it for nothing, can
you give us some sort of an idea
how big the painting is, time and
death, hello there beautiful
reader, this bit of paper is ringing
a bell, promise of escape
capitalism, you had it so
beautiful, don’t unfold it you
might not be able to fold it back
up, alls i can see is city, graag
korting, no credit to the
artist, the tomato missed,
if you had been paying a bit,

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