Sunday, May 20, 2012

"gungsuh" & "haettenschweiler"

is this the one you are in, is
this the one we are in, all this
great big thing to cover four
days, yes of course it is free
to pick up but, you’re soaking in
it, this brand is not quite as
good but it’s cheaper, golden
molecules, the days go by and
the empties pile up, repetition
boredom, art is short for article,
bark out an ode, let’s go to
quebec, nice representation,
the factory where this was
printed, molecular song, day die,

elaborada, be fuller, my dad
made this, who knows how old
this air is, the portal, it looks
better from a distance,
ceremonial spinning top, this
is not a sound poem, love is
doomed, here today gone, let’s
put up some posters, this is
not what i asked for, this is
all still uncharted territory,
now he has to hide out, spill
the ink blow it around, i’m
so fucking disoriented, i
don’t know french, ross etcetera,

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