Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"odds and ends" & "choin"

why don’t you take it apart and
see what makes it tick, the way a
book can pass thru time, who are
you calling a great lady,
somebody’s gone thru and pulled
all the bookmarks out, this is
only a fraction of the violence,
flip the bookmark over, do you
think blood is cool, we must
have started the book again,
there’s no reason we couldn’t be
reading these books, discarded
in the wrong direction, what
did you take away from the
book, odds and ends odds and ends,

a complete catalogue of particles,
grinding the dust in further,
looking for a scrap of paper you
don’t already have memorized,
nothing ever changes in the network,
don’t you think it might be worth
taking a closer look, the memory
that knows is about to, no
nothing never changes, sorry to
hear about your troubles, it’s
the ones that drop out of the
network that, making a mockery
of the other, fake-ism, de la,
choin, copy never done nothing,

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