Thursday, May 03, 2012

"spite trellis" & "telematic art"

wabi sabi, there’s a certain
amount of to and fro involved,
werkexemplar, everything repeated
many times, person named chaos,
this particular version of your
address, just once could you
call me by my proper name,
sonic whore, spite trellis,
dwelling portably, acquire
this, flying all around this
little world, this has your name
on it but it has nothing to do
with you, this paper was made by,

mannequinism, i’d recognize this
writing anywhere, any realm in
which humans interact, individual
broadcasting, were there signs we
did not heed, will you answer to
mister chapeau, beautiful blue
on pink, we want all the facts
on you, parallel realities,
telematic art, beautiful thing
that almost got lost, the same
person thirty years later, do
people actually cough up for
these, i remember reading this

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