Thursday, May 01, 2014


clum-morford distributing
corporation, teletypewriter,
i like this blue box, why you
want the flap upsidedown, we
already kissed this goodbye
twice, jaceebo, benny blog,
virtual hay, a nice fat book
of lorem ipsum, egg macguffin,
stone slinger, just punch in the
code for okra, ale, mary chrisma,
psychophysiological parallelism,
sexuality is co-extensive
with existence, viriloid,
don cipriano, heteroerotic
inclination, weak little
rod of flesh, flight from
reality, she makes use of
feminine weapons to wage
war upon the male, the
masculine protest, jeet kune
do, giri, laos, agora, neikos,
neikein, poinê, eukheto, hieros,
dikazein, thumos, mamzerim,
pinatubo, five and a half
by four and a quarter,
the original seahorse,
emergent message, love poem
fifteen years later, the
diff tween, machine lover,
got jobbed, saint ealth,

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