Friday, December 16, 2011

"being with beans"

nobody actually pays, smudge
of crap, lamas, marpa, now you
have the option to unlike something,
judging by the green envelope,
it seems to be drawn with genuine
india ink, premium crack,
fattened city slaughtered,
a black and white copy of the
colour copy, the nothing leading
to tijuana, arbitrary highlight,
samboro, thirteen percent, thru
a baby’s eye, constraint-based
synaesthesia, cromlech manoeuvre,
disambiguation page, d, gidig,
the space character, eskimo tube,
indigo calamity, zendo puppy,
katauta, kozo, gampi, turning
fool’s gold into, the word for
the day is fraught, being with
beans, a line from a song by
thirty seconds to mars, people
who read nigel tranter,
positive law, the absolute
self, discipline in action
or karma yoga, lifestyle
production, image consumption,
nawabs, atman and brahman,
batman and robin, moksha,
subha, karta, subhakarya,
suddha, suci, adhikara,

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