Saturday, December 03, 2011

"a fine handmade panama hat"

anonymous plagiarization, the
hattori botanical laboratory,
making dates online for online
dates, allgäu, eight hundred
thousand tickets, okay you’re
missing the paper with the ink
there, the colour has gone
completely across to the other
side of the spectrum, hos-,
concrete picnic, the mangler,
stiltslevit, hoosegow, the
chandra sutras, negotiated
surrender, symbolic politics,
fee-simple, kinbaku, meta-
mimickry, hyperapotheosis,
a fine handmade panama hat,
midan tahrir, applied ethics,
junk thot, wafa, orange pulp,
the temptation of meaning,
ecology is the new opium of the
masses, nut culture, madras,
sex strike, i read thru the
whole chapbook thinking she
was a guy, you could probably
go to eighteen, a lack of mains
electricity, the overheated
copy machine, stand surety,
manderlay, the base cannard,
salmineoism, precise day and
time, google nothing, cop art,

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