Monday, December 26, 2011

"a nice juicy steak in the mail"

one mangled penny, a nice juicy
steak in the mail, feel free to
touch the art, put a sleeve on it,
helen twelvetrees, i don’t feel
like a copy, attach yarn, the
machine between us, actual
paper, one eye two eye three eye,
one is unique in the world, a
photograph of god, glaukom
synod, om gate gate, the meaning
is everything, landfield,
reading thru chaos, glitzkrieg,
the marchioness went out at
five o’clock, hall emus cord,
hoo cavedin earthwight, apis
luna pulla, a readimix
concrete-mixer, poetry manqué,
metteur en page, the drum of
the concrete-mixer, crafts-
person of necessity, the drive
of concrete, the money seems
to have run out, not going to
be able to make the rent,
sunlight twists, you have to
nag yourself, we already
made it past this point, the
bit you can’t read says: never
read, glas orange, apostrophe
space comma, ave dot, viding,
environmental violation, the
elements comprising human,
talking faces, flaming iron,

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