Wednesday, December 21, 2011


hey c’mon up, alla ludo poker,
exordium, enthewsyass cuckling
a hoyden, gold fish polishing,
a haint, acaucn, peacefest,
azulejo, santa correspondensia,
the god of pulque, a mast or
holy madman, obsorvame, zen
cello, the brain letter, spaceband,
philosophy of information
organization, descenders, pi
characters, supershift, a
pennyworth, poetry as comestible,
from high on the hog to, scat
bottom, powerhouse destroyed,
ex-con artist, cambria cheese,
the island of cambria, stibium,
camp of endless hairdressing,
the cure for graphomania, is
the smear part of the art,
lumberjill, staitch, pink salvage,
invisible bit of typewriting
on the toner wall, the hairs that
remain, the real problem is not
money as such, not even the copies
are identical, gulp and sit,
let’s pretend we’re not at war,
think of each address as a
little poem, once the text has
reached the point of illegibility,
do you still approve of this
text, not just any g, blat me,

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