Tuesday, December 13, 2011


glue down fruit sticker, the war
against reality, cairos, or
opportune time, dig back in behind
the blue and fish out a white,
text may not be exactly as shown,
she slips you the winning ticket,
yer not about to forget yer hunger,
anarchoblogging, chat is presence,
picking a skin, anarchopublishing,
tablespace, uqbar, what do you
do when you finish reading the
novel? shelve it?, éveilleurs,
architectural pornography,
transcendental homelessness,
not-at-home-ness, das man,
nicht zu hause, all-to-actual,
challenges the everyday from a
higher, active forgetting,
forthcoming from forthcoming
press, nothing reminds me of my
pain and loss, web thang, cut!,
nympholeptic, a japanese side stab,
lone tree iowa, maxville’s demon,
maxville’s silver hammer,
cut!, the printer is designed to
spew ink, one is only passing
thru, e.c.h.olocation man ray,
oolemma, libe ed, face
sucking face, waswanipi,
we need to burn thru these
faster, tape shit down,

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