Sunday, December 18, 2011

"hypothetical art"

look at the whole before you rip
it apart, marcel dot duchamp, yes
we are in favour of fluxus, black
bart trance, deck of graph, time
indicates something, push button
for pickles, hypothetical art,
glancing askance at money, glass
face book, banana control, do you
actually work in the field,
australorp, jazz loop, a banana
is one thing, ham mail, where’s
yer grin, ragged umbrella, a
bistro bag, rainbow jellyfish,
self with burns, gargoyle and
sewing machine, all that ass
lined up, it looks like you
destroyed my art, blemish and
that’s an order, horniman, the
tan box, smooged, strk mesox,
sephora, the russian switch,
oranges cream milk, lipstick
and moss, orgasmism, libstick,
vajrayana, can you spare the
price of a loaf of bread,
floating on credit, are you
building or destroying, the
buffer between you and the
street, you ought to know it
after five million impressions,
tex red mel, amo harn fair,
blank sheet of paper with
barcode on it, how can you
hate all, percentage art,

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