Sunday, December 11, 2011


reach out and touch face, thank
you for not burning me, hard to
tell what’s happening with the ink,
nobody even pays at all, these
oranges are past their prime,
shave your head, raining fuck,
everything you love will be taken
away, never put your hat on the
bed, glass fire, part strawberry
part tiger, abortionistas, v-mail,
propode, bhakti, shuddhi, sant,
mansabdar, baraka, pir, jivatma,
paramatma, embossed on the pages
in gold, four hundred longhorns,
sosial, cheese partner, tehya,
the best thing about days is that
they come to an end, secondary
use, stalkdaily virus, it is with
grandma that dreaming lies,
amen dead, placer gold, the
birkat hachamah, the blanche
dubois syndrome, just one bite
of a possum, news-aggregator
sites, how the creative economy,
sehen lesen, zeens ! , soft
geometry ninety-seven, tsa
sur, inference engine, do
work!, toggle a, cobble together,
cut! cut! cut!, we lost a
lot of it but, job of work,

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