Thursday, December 15, 2011

"monetize monetize monetize"

if we hold hands then, dp, at
least somebody thot to love you
today, push your boundaries,
piczo, kerrygold, monetize
monetize monetize, alley surfing,
down in the bottom of a volcano,
aura face book, anarcho-literature,
bother printing, rubberstamp
impressions: dime a dozen,
facticity, being-in-itself,
pre-reflective and reflective
consciousness, a, sacré bleu
i was really running there!,
hung tp’s, is it rolling, bob?,
a rubberstamp that says: poem
by john m. bennett, or jmb,
if you join two non-art
things together you have a
bit of art, blac kink, data
removal customers, yes we
have plenty to spare, three
times as much ink, don’t
pretend the penny is not money,
literatures of less diffusion,
an organic intellectual,
alethia, interinvolvement,
thereness, négatités, the man
of resentment, mauvaise foi,
self-negation, athabasca,

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