Monday, December 05, 2011

"goings on in bars"

zlake, bloobb, genk, edición
pirata, type up a list of your
desires, none sound, crackinoid,
agug, unser, swaller, instruct
downhill, cognitive policy works,
promotivate, in-store, the flesh is
the person, nassin, powerpump,
whatever happens whatever, droit
de seigneur, the smegma group,
hyper-identities, the hat for
beuys, a temporary instant
gallery, center for egg heads,
praxism, decrease face, one
hundred percent biodegradable
plastic bag, miga, this one
seems genuine, zlomanczuk,
letterpress versus photocopy,
quality control is mind control,
phog, one of a thing wad of a
thing, gently used envelopes,
add to the wad, variation
detection, a matter of adjust,
goings on in bars, against the
world, the source of all the
copies, modifying the original
copy, nana’s anus, rework the
copy, okay take it back down
to quarter size, how many
versions and variations,
busy becomes blank, tight
is good, slip into the fire,

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