Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"vispo jetset"

you could sell it or refuse to
sell it, a billion cultural
productions you will never consume,
mediaart, facebookwork, our person,
worldcat, jetset vispo, vispo jetset,
seventeen percent moron, all we
need is milk and cookies, line
‘em up, knock ‘em down, basement
concrete, a sick’s lager cap,
multimodal writing, feminization
of the academy, an electronic
archive, donlad, paper with a
watermark please, this app,
a million bucks ain’t what it used
to be, anilingual, cairological
time, concrete human
experience, the excess of happen
chance, efformation, the
being-in-process, continuous
forming, the duplicity of the
real, whatever singularity,
being such that it always
matters, watershed of whatever,
it seems to be hole, nonsked
cithara, heavy eyelids cavies,
toe-tal bullshit, crush that
flower, better fonts better
printing, find no text
beautiful, language is love,
jack into the network,

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