Tuesday, December 27, 2011


piecards, the comer store, a
civilization of snail, double-
ceiling, non-medical use of drugs,
up yr easy access, ursuline ducks,
maid of durock, the wordling:
weat, looks like a perfectly
good face to me, minute hand
as scythe, logolepsy, pass the zen,
is your boss a frenemy, shitting
in the face of contemporary
poetics, select words from
metaphorical hats, hymenia,
a tender scientist, inner policing,
meta-eroticism, vocal repression,
ataxic limb, in the anagogical
and ecstatic mode, the mouse
arrow is moving all by itself,
is there a kern function, throw
money, arhat, the published text
has never been seen by human eye,
warning: data removal, cara
cara oranges, nickle stamps,
bullet lube, this posting is
no longer available, kabiliana,
involvement art, imp art, bio-
horrific art, excremental
suffocation, the forerealist
movement, serienada, escaped
the prison of art, exchanging
consciousness, a video portapak,
raw-beef poisoning, videoperson,

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