Sunday, December 25, 2011


people as material, arse in america, verifax, an electric
typewriter with balls, karass, communication without information,
gumbus, highlight the can’t-miss events, culturati, toppermost,
capital of joy, fragments of our lord scattering all over the
floor, the golden crowned kinglet, thundersnow, sperm competition,
glancing with erect penis, e-vans, all you ever did was destroy,
emphasize text, graph echoes, we can’t have breasts exposed can
we, realize you are never going to be one of the greats, blue
whole, waving you up, pay your rent faster, mark error, looking
at the text with an eye towards, saint itch in time, a single
misspelled word can give you away, it’s a lot more work and
a lot more messy but you get better results, the closest in
time and space and the most distant too, maybe we should invest
in a little white-out, staircasing be damned, you can crisp it
back up, one issue for every letter of the alphabet, emphasize
the buddha shape, mash the rubberstamp into the ink, with a
little foresight you wouldn’t work at all, there are only so
many elements in the universe, the writer is only writing for
, some thoughts are better left unfinished, the speed at which
faces appear, bleeding rent, you are about to be dragged down,
fuck alone, percentage of art that never gets seen, against
our normal inclination to leave any blank space, your first
beer, every time i think of this i feel pain, every time you
turn on the machine it sucks electricity, why would anyone be
afraid to say the word breast, typing up index cards, every
time i see this phrase it makes me smile, mailing indecent
substances, smear only visible on original, pink death, if the
administrator will allow it, we need a white pen, vans one
to sixty-five, the memory can see what the eye cannot, focus
on the joy point, done like dinner,

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