Thursday, December 08, 2011


train ends heart, even when we can’t
speak we speak, is the cat hair part
of the art, raquete, we more than
got it paid off, if i am below
zero then, revillon, sumi, material
buddhism, consultant on high end,
applying for pussy, mahamudra,
copulating cadavers, tilopa,
remedia, every breath you take is
evil, a bestselling work of
experimental literature, coutil,
flexibone, sateens, drucksache,
environment participation, hat
event, akashik, you too nicky,
representational visual poetry,
noigandres, wildly practiced,
concrete mould, the printer is
wasting the colour ink, making
telepathic love, concrete truck
driver, light groping, nppdd,
tranfriend, a big print job,
a floating a, they sat around
in a gallery for two weeks,
at varykino, let your losses
go, repetition unto death,
use the whole fourteen inches,
one does not feel moved again,
various states of degeneration,
steady state degeneration,
it picked up a bit of wow,
wat, paper avatar, toner zoom,

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