Monday, December 12, 2011


an electronic conversation, the
community of scholarship, a
concrete lamp standard, chicken
house, examining the colonial
histories, self-enculturation,
habromania, hap bit, one word
calls up another word, i love
to rip the heads off flowers,
horizontal collaborator
envelope, psychoneuroimmunology,
dojoji, joining the war against
reality, memeflow, a whatever
being, the form-of-our-lives,
being potential, realtion,
fissiparous, hypotaxis,
infinitizer, chiasmatically,
collision detection, give you
a break on the tax, long eng,
highlight something anything,
galaxies and microbes, nothing
is being forgotten, nothing
sinks in, my shadow is my
graffity, i love being
detained by you, can you
imagine having to write on
paper, this is how i am
spending my time, maybe
just go to the am half-bit,
cut yourself some blank,
the vinyl eye, jumpin’ jack,

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