Wednesday, December 07, 2011


voodoo radio, vat of neuro-juice,
hibiscus prosthesis, the days of
rage, cognitive policy, faremed,
cluster of bananas, stickerback
vehicle, not looking for answers,
you could have got it all on there,
publius optation porphry, cluster
of mp’s, nineteen-eighty-two
delorean, memewar, missionization,
right of possession, white god,
the great white hunter, blat,
aufgehoben, anti-ubermensch,
kali-yuga, bamako, misteen
oxnide, infinite ink, participant
observation, capital m major
capital t themes, print zero,
the bright side to the error,
china beach, rhizobia, fendrakes,
softwar, semi-present, tiny
empires, mutek, immaterial
reality, we wish we had
something to sell, some things
just don’t bear repeating,
mail art field assembly, lu
cic, lu rid, only a hundred
letters, the tree streets, paper
has a tendency to get damaged,
thrown out of reality, a
little heavy hand did, worts
of wise dome, eggshell repair,

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