Tuesday, December 20, 2011

sexual cybernetics

start with fuck, three bells, is
this a painting, the ink is rubbing
off, yes no i do want to hear what
you have to say, nothing but
scribbling, slip off the pink
ribbon, this text has been issued
to you, fondle the ribbon binding,
sixty pages of bar-room napkin
poetry, indeni og udefra, lang
and diff, cricket-blossom,
gesture self, rich with tiny
detail, your image in with all
the other images, turn this
photocopy into a jpeg, cleaner
or dirtier, buckle under the
lid, muh, rossed, hollerith
cards, a batch environment,
concrete overshoe, galoshes
filled with concrete, willed
with concrete, human engineers,
a bullfrog beer cap, litflesh,
zen taxicab, sexual cybernetics,
being detained online, we only
go to war with monsters,
existence is a huge challenge,
casodex, the island of candara,
cat hair, i just want to see
your face, every little counts,
every body has to eat so, the
non-redemption of, let credit
slide, you are in the thich of
it, emphasize those ears, three
grand on transportation alone,

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