Monday, December 19, 2011


see one blue, finally a fresh loaf,
a complete collection of grocery
lists, collecting hearts erotic,
nothing is a done deal, how’s your
math, tempranillo, how did these
women wind up in prison, these
other punctuation marks: the
period the question mark, tango
trances, wompo, getting online and
staying online, weme t, everything
on the monitor is retinal, the
eye thou level, think flow,
concrete and clay animals, how
i managed to lose jobs which
were designed to be held for
life, taggles, honey subtle
bananas, teaching non-teaching,
coffee belch, the graphic and
concrete, i-am—here-now-conscious-
ness monster, never say no, this
is just a photocopy of a photo-
graph, here where the polka dot
patterns overlay, la geometria
suave, this next idea is
unwordable, who will archive
the insanity, clark ashton
smith, the lunatics that are
still on the loose, all the
loose pages are getting
jumbled, peklamodruk,
they drove each other crazy,
against my normal inclination,

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