Friday, December 02, 2011

"swarm intelligence"

okay the first thing we need to say
is, concrete lust, drooling on the
toilet seat, interbeing, you can
frolic in a frock, lobster pizza,
you will have to pay for this in
the future, there’s no point
lamenting that the fruit has
gone out of season, hit us with
the latin name, it’s a small price
to pay to create a decent i,
oranges are a great rarity,
well it is hilarious, halkomelem,
kumkumalay, sukriya, mukti,
swarm intelligence, protest pens,
swarm theory, self-organizing,
dangling mosses, anarcho-zine-
dicalist, erkil, hurosoma,
fruitsticker psych, lsd moss,
the middlebeing, the honey of
the moment, humming nothing,
diazo reality, the writer is
speaking out loud, the writer
is thinking to herself, trance
former funpack, are you
actually retarded or just
pretending to be retarded,
surprise! it’s a meat cleaver!,
the city of love, neon ticks,
trance dot, tbd, ezition, eight
millimeter mess, venison street
tillsonburg, riffraff eye,

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