Thursday, December 29, 2011

"a utility fog"

dotless i, yours hours, speed
erasers, vyoob, a utility fog,
your sex, fungus on envelope,
shoshaku jushaka, ice hat,
uri geller blog, dogfish head
cap, mudra, swamp of moss, a
pink environment, what good is
the paper with nothing on it,
identical document smaller
size, the number has always
already changed, ten bucks a
week in replication, dad luc
lev luc, coffee room, thirty
year old photocopy, copy of
thirty year old photocopy,
clark ashton smith fellowship
chapter, samora, pirate hubbard,
falaga, living artists are much
more interesting than dead ones,
this is a key interpretation,
copy with annotations in the
hand of the artist, we lost
the pink, could you tell me
what it says where it is
illegible, repep, it’s always
six o’clock, the skid mark
became a permanent addition,
beaver hair, run ‘em thru the
document handler, today’s
significant other, the way
things in the natural
world replicate and evolve,

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