Wednesday, December 28, 2011


it picked up a pretty good scratch,
liquid alox, the trance personal,
huffing shellac, the faucet and
the individual drip, wet leaf on
scanner, yellow zoom, riding thru
hell, tattoo in dutch: tonight
my wife is also against me,
shuffle boil, the price of cheese
jumped, sixty black, don’t forget
to oh nine it, why would anyone
need a hundred thousand copies,
i’m glad the printer cut out,
experiment and have a couple
kids, the amount you are worth
at this very second, he co ecks,
tell the computer what page
six is, work out and eat at the
same time, chayote, trane cult,
in loco parentis, nexialism,
shnn, tequila and books, the
buddha computer, ciruela
trees, exchanges in this history
are in caches, web-offset
machine, printed bunch of
addresses, i hope you didn’t
think i thot, there’s a time to
be professional and, maybe
jack up the font size, i
prefer to be someone else,
there’s no such thing as
frullania, nobody likes to
be manipulated, wa, fake,

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