Saturday, December 17, 2011


start again with a brand new name,
hobby subversive, the pencil stroke
indicates, botlist, bufano, thirty-
five percent off meat, highlight
guilt, coit tower, long pink one,
intersemiotic object, thing-culture,
thing-poetry, commodified culture,
a virgin untainted by social
reality, brain clusters, comtexts,
panoptimism, face art, gestaltner,
word salad, writing in the abyss,
bhakti, shudra, varna, vanaras,
nawkari, mansabdari, poethics,
ask and ye shall regret, chatbot,
wordcloud, taking the phoneme
as your unit of composition,
case of emotional heartburn,
got pot?, fish a phrase out of
this text, digital toggle,
complete knowledge, liberatory
subversion, you’d have to see
these things in their actuality,
appy polly loggy, i can’t read
some of the words but, inject
the ink with a syringe, sack
it, paradigme shit f, murnau,

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