Friday, December 09, 2011


her hand and her hand, jofe,
bdrm, pick delight, dollop of joy,
glib taboo, aet, clear concrete,
the language of legal identity,
escape the harsher conditions,
black easter, the test lolly,
when is a half-bit not a half-bit,
take hammer to letter, two-color,
now there is no copy, one has
nothing to teach, plenty half,
still half, dymo-word motive,
zero typos, veheme, constraint-
based salvage, one would like
to know more in the how-to
dept. but, everytime you write
my name you write it diff.,
bruant zizi or cirlgors, we
like to see the way it’s cobbled
together, indirect contribution,
twenty-five hundred drawings
of cats, alway working toward
building toward, inclusify,
has a pile of own time now,
simple anarchy, mickey pin,
i can’t even make out your
name, you see meaning where
i see none, the first urban
village, maybe we shud cum
befor we go, feeding you
a line, phb bhp, not waving
drowning to you, ondu,

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