Saturday, December 24, 2011


the rent problem, beardism, scat
top, erolalia, faceporn, discover
nothing, poetry is the only hope
of redemption, save on meat,
sand fluster, the two directions
you can go, the book is obsolete
style, what do you want with all
these girls, any idiot can read
this at a glance, destroy
nothing once and for all,
bloody me, small letter g in
good fonts, the person who opens
the mail, floating electricity,
the draining away of the life
blood, ink compass, gaze at the
disaster, an entity known as a
pinkness, the scanner window is
out of whack, the exclamation
mark is invisible, fold it and
see, one thing to do, the original
is indifferent to the copy, the
entity is just fine thank you,
how can this non-signifying patch
of toner cause you pain, send
me a dollar, toner delicious,
what are you going to do about
the difference, laughterlife,
juxtapose one reality with
another reality, all you can
do is point, blank wall of
text, what do you see as your
planetary role, job of work
joe, apple log, let it bleed,

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