Friday, June 01, 2012


manage to cram it all in, all the letters are glomming up together,
good riddance to the day, what's this smear, text is just so much
filler, chunk yourself a job of work to do, is it possible that
we are nothing more than replicas, gar number twenty-seven, errors
have a way of replicating, yes there are hidden layers, five
copies january tenth two thousand and nine, there's a bit of
colour in the smear, why are you using these lousy fonts, jack
up the point size, all these useless fonts, colour is money,
the beheaded self, fake scratch, video pie, flaming penny, we are
hammering today, candyberg, plecto- means, the weat coincidence,
frullania is that crap, how much are you worth at this very moment,
write it out in full or don't write it, big wall of text, time
errors carefully, yes we need a lot of copies, we need you to
sign all of these, the way paper can zip, i love you, seahorse,
that big black thing, good riddance to information, big diff,
holographic exhibited clues,

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