Monday, April 30, 2012

"tiazac" & "trench chant"

will answer to voodoo chapeau,
this is as great as you are going to
be, an obvious pinhead, mailfreax,
i hate lights, reticulate mind,
tiazac, mistress of the hamhamz,
virtual shoebox, test it to see if
iht has any extra letters, damn
one short, no wonder you have such
bad karma, a comma of distinction,
obsolete signal, be creative on
blank paper, one is an international
art organization, art is money,
do you miss the universe, iuon,
hey this is a real, dublitz,

a letter that you do not remember,
i wonder it that was part of a war,
worder if you are being used, who
has time for old poems, moss
percolates, fuck! not another fuck!,
if you could read this blank,
where are you getting this are,
this is trench art, trench chant,
provocation to collaboration,
your tough luck is my good
luck, are you still shirking,
mystery crumbs, not any more,
paper is shit, splash a line,

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