Monday, March 31, 2014


are you calling me dead, this
artwork is probably by the kids,
no there’s no confusion here, we
might be outdoors by then anyway,
wetaskiwin, proxxexx, prayerstone,
the woodpiles of northern quebec,
you can tell by the door here,
how are you getting this stuff
done, you had your fun, anti-
marketer, flabberghosted,
vlaskaas, dadaheart, cyc, un
jour mon prince viendra, enslaved
to household cares, garçons
manqués, false enthusiasms,
a felon lanced, capital in
candy, an art flow-thru point,
solon, dream of autumn return,
clusters at the margins,
theromorphic ears, prognathism,
frontal submicrocephaly,
misoneism, vielka, loyal
orange lodge number ninety,
collected two full decks of
random playing cards from
the street, clawhammer,
original pattern generation,
engrainages mystiques,
titsup in a ditch, try to
salvage a little paper,

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