Monday, March 10, 2014


poem about the little war,
garagan, if you can read the void-
nul, you are part of the picture
and part of the frame, lêure,
keep this tick, uck luster,
spummer, symmetrical letters,
back ack, mechanically hand-
coloured, i just like to run my
fingers over the engraved text,
too many to lick, current value:
zero, exspousal, ig, the bad apple
of my eye, sarissas, machinima,
anxietainment, cybering,
orange and kinda seventies,
at par plus a coin, saint james
infirmary, embodies in concrete,
obcor, working your way out
of the book, breaking oranges
into slices, elafonisi, però
scendemmo alla destra, it
lives or dies on the apostrophe,
draw the aum, maybe you
should have left it whole,
rehashing, do you intend to
transcend, spring is on its
way, lovely vita,

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