Thursday, March 27, 2014


a little bit of perfection
never hurt anybody, lackrimony,
a criminal lack, bean it, lazy lake,
shock full, it’s actually fairly
rare to be at the end, maybe you
need to burn off some energy,
hcm g, miroc, thanks for the
footprints, one worships marks, you
always get more than you bargained
for when you bargain with,
perceptions of a concrete, voe
victis, the self-knowing self,
a clear expression of herself,
niqab, environment country
hazards, highschool english in
calgary, sex log, we need to get
rid of all this money,
transverse myelitis, unplanned
downtime, euterpe, slip it in
here, fiction as such, you’re
being employed as the death
of the author, a purple job
of work, a red job of work,
copies occupy, you can just
dump these right back in the,
a blank copy, happytape, um
gar, the original is green
and red, what is up and what
is down, leave it blank,

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