Monday, March 03, 2014


impartial redintegration, undo
automatic bullets, wimeline,
anti-prorogation, metaphantasmia,
texas stranglehold ‘em, the hiss of
the ink, what does the golden mean,
concrete communication, tares,
avoid concrete, pencil-pines,
orange barrow, venusta, the
kitty is empty, the sweat of a
hat, vanc, koalatics, gink,
anti-pleasure, otaku, lek, red
integration, this text is a
workout, one has made oneself
available to the dollar,
what are your intentions
with these texts, bedone,
daily hoot, these are merely
artifacts now, eye coin,
caput castellae, bolderaja,
the carrot and the stick and
the rabbit, nothing but
speakers, breakthru flesh,
every particle suggests, etsy,
beautiful disasters,
phoebeb, they knocked me
out and stole my boots, tore
head, mynthia, why so gen,
we need to stack these up
and chop them down, up,

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