Saturday, March 29, 2014


paper is a weapon, cuntinue, wrap
it up, the same thing just a different
number, it sounds like you have it
down to a science, i am my blog,
xanax xerox, in memoriam to
nineteen-ninety-four, a million
questions answered, the meat
regular meat, we are going to
have to put a lot of stamps on
this, i think i’ve been to this
lighthouse, i just bought stamps
and wound up with, everybody’s
favourite fuckin’ poem, it’s made
to stick to your panties, bread
and poetry, the damnation army,
how do you intend to pay this
bill, twenty cents a minute,
quite the swoop, we are seriously
into the red, rrif, you could do
better dude, liquidate all your
assets, don lad, they are all one
person, airdberlis, the act of
poetry, crazy broadsides,
gonzalez bypass, the feminine
castration complex, involuntary
discharge of urine, the burning
ambition of early diuretics,
earth moss snow, a coffee can
filled with concrete, demo
to ink, sunday surface,
text-sound epic,

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