Wednesday, March 12, 2014


ocaleli zzagłady, noc muz eów,
mint postage stamps are cash,
which way is north, futanari,
the whitewash aesthetic, ginger
dead, inactivity coordinator,
lap band, nocturnal threads,
skeleton penny, only handle it
once, polyphasic sleep, ultradian
rhythm, exile on mail street,
cyberplaydate, thélema, this
says nothing, the year doesn’t
start for a while, all’s fair,
bbc cluster, rather not have
the poem visible, enjoyed a
happy childhood, to compensate
for the emptiness of her heart,
a jailhouse copy, quaquaversal,
secret retributions, meditate
on blank paper, you know
where this text is going,
i mur, dye sublimation
digital print, destination
churches, beautiful
widgets, sparrow “trapped”
in glass bus shelter,
pure gold postage, you can
get rid of the staircasing,
i hope nobody tries to read
this, nondigital process,

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