Tuesday, March 25, 2014


you’re grinding too hard honey,
this is supposed to be attached i
think, find a non-art area to
focus on, mis-shapened tender
buttons, this was ice cold a
moment ago, okay you do realize
there’s a bug in here, makin
sausage music, just hit me
with the highlights, is there
a highlight in this text,
artpool, the neighbour of the
beast, a body is a body, the
hand of ray, carrying the
kitchen sink, shrinkwrapped
oil paintings, we are not sure
whether to read you as male
or femail, a book about bricks,
imagine the camera swinging
around, you can almost make
out the ideograms on the
other side of the paper, in
the back room at the gallery,
driving what driving,
tilghman, manta ray high-heel
shoe, piercing heel, we can’t
tell how to read you, where’s
the death, a boom about death,
papar knife, the damage does
not hurt the art, goofin’
on elvis, natty moss bond,

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