Tuesday, March 04, 2014


do write, there’s more information
on the dustjacket than there is
in the book, a book of zero value,
all writing is repletion, stfu,
the orange comes up, champfleuy
vaudreu, the hat is ugly, the
cook the extra help, the en-soi,
the word coquette, ye might let
one remain above with us, brake
mean effective pressure, otoro,
school for drop-outs, atomic
nutation, gravity diversion,
anarcho-liberationists, erratica,
this black mark, everything seems
profound in comic sans ms, new
ribbon already, just stop believing
in reality, i like the feel of
this skull, unconsumable does
not compute, no such, the ink
never really dries, why is this
one outside the envelope, you
just have to see it as beauty,
how hard is it to share, god
that sunlight is horrific, okay
i see how you wanna play,
art is paradise, the envelope
got hacked, blank falls,
babymind, eye forge it, nuck,
you’re gone by, one forgives,
mere ping pong, don’t geddit,

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