Wednesday, March 05, 2014


the arizona rough riders, you
want me to write on your body,
button sabotage, use lots of gob
when you lick the stamp, one is
a love developer, enlace, penny
extra, being an artist is
destroying yr life, fly
towards the open area, editor
hide compose, paper is not the
solution, highgate cemetery
eastern, thackery, level down,
director of conscience,
hetairism, translatorese,
me happy, delectations,
logopoeic, heavily end-stopped
corresponds, to break the
pentameter, follicle-stimulating
hormone, radiation budget,
write write or die, pouf, ye
who meditate is moss, berea,
punctuate the cluster, hypo
taxis, menagiarists, a hat by
his feet, iziz looming, a
magazine full of ammo,
the easy trigonometry, you’ve
only got a quarter inch of
play, missed a beat, the do
write aces,

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