Thursday, March 13, 2014

"abyssys abyssum inocat"

fawny chadow, biedermann’s
experiment, shiranui, underwater
fireworks, the redhead cluster
phenomenon, inanition, the
cupboard was bare, highlight the
time, ale, tums, cluster, the
avery dennison logo, whatever will
take, answerline, pinhole
performance, money is all,
eviction day standoff, chic lit,
bilharzia, looking for a
gyroscope with b, neuralisation,
an intentionality like moss,
pronoun cluster, abyssys
abyssum inocat, the shiz,
katapoul, i don’t think this
crap is worth typing up,
you’ll be tight, we are looking
forward to filling the blank,
the little poetry war of,

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