Saturday, March 15, 2014


green sex, polyisoprene, the hevea
tree, fml, boot up buddha, fembot,
roxxxy, nothing frozen, meat
cheese cream cluster, somnific
flux, prolonged nocturnal
ingenuities, one has the ability
to remain quietly in one’s room,
you are supposed to know french,
the cutting edge of hip,
intimus shredder, soto zen,
xenophonic, apocalystatic,
a teachable moment, famuli,
an autonomous robot, pinkville,
accolouration, the dissociation
of sensibility, rosy cross, you are
getting a bit of smudge, one
bid, we can’t exactly pinpoint
the sun, times new american,
a hundred dollars is equal
to nothing, the fruit sticker
clock, let’s flush this shit,

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