Tuesday, March 18, 2014


the kids kill it, clip joint
points to elbow, in throes of
caffeination, this is the coffee
talking, basho’s corner, charred
underwear, za’atar, wormtongue,
vestibulocochlear nerve, cluster
of pencil lead, a few bruises
actually improve the flavour
of the banana, vierge et martyre,
skep, amygisme, casuarina, gung
knea, esperonto, handcarved on
september third ninety-nine,
below the blue line, puhos, you
need to pay the rent, the day
the book died, gift foist,
profedit, type one bipolar disorder,
i like the way your hand is
evolving, sustainably sourced
paper, your name with an
exclamation point, if you can
print that fine then,
thermal program, cake tee,
smart ball, pu-erh, pu er
cha dao, is this shit legal,

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