Wednesday, March 19, 2014


capsule living, dirt vegetables,
speaking of plastic, break with
paper, global bananas, clothing
that fits life, sleeping rough,
e-memory, wetzsteon, a stocking
stuffed with oakum, a plain
felt hat, reading the other,
viriloid, one is an invert,
a horrifying cornucopia of
emotions, flake off a chunk,
all writing is defecation,
the blank awaits, you never even
bothered to look, face the fact
that you are not an artist, you
have to eat the shit with the
shineola, i heard you weren’t
doing too well, i am ignoring
you with all my might, keep
sending, happy wad, manila
burned green, overix, right
that guy, today is the day
we separate the light from
the dark, oh that guy, thix,
if you play your cards wrong,
hey i heard you were on the
run again, oh yeah that guy,
beauty always comes as a
bit of a shock, that guy,
rings no bell prize, this guy,
for reals gallery, protrude,
art is a headache, štill,

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