Friday, March 14, 2014


it’s the one that got away that
we wonder about the most, corpse
of discovery, thirty million dollar
i’d rather be sailing, likes to
eat salad with his mouth, save
the date, it’s called potlatch,
chocolate wisdom, looks like ben
franklin needs a haircut, a bad
apple a day, land-fat, ends
higher on commodity, penniless
intellectuals, check that guys
hand eh, i’m sorry i can’t tell you
apart, nothing but a poem, all
that wad that, hawkins, this
food is not food, domina, the
changing of the gourd, fuck,
prefers immanence, jongleur,
intellectual gossip, concrete
salmon, ridiculous portraits,
hideous and comical
expressions, greta garbage,
ed’s current house, unit
clauses, a struggling orange,
anticipatory plagiary,
furniture poetry, poetry
for airports, wrist lick kite,
ambient poetry, i don’t think
any of this got thru to
anyone, i had great hopes for
you listener slash reader,

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