Saturday, March 22, 2014

"batu giling"

bucket list, k, takroot, anti-bacon,
superdependant, momiji, chorus
respond dance, one provides traffic,
pantopicon, chorusbeedance, test
tower, long gone time, locate this,
just the one thing: cream, here
we are paying cash, let paper go,
fatterday, moon cluster,
do, pondidia, trying to determine
the reality level, never forget
about your own rosebud, hilarious
poetry, tucson snowman, a book you
got in the mail twenty years
ago, a radiant node or a cluster,
penny world, hokku, just sit still:
the urge to read will pass,
profession de foi, batu giling,
rempah, pachuco, spool tenders,
zooglers, concrete art deco,
the television police, canadian
cactus, the migration of
oranges, sesterce, denarius,
retrobulvar block, canzone
femonanale, se kapoion pou
axizei, you wish the text,
i think i recognize you here,
how about not filling the
blank, the sign is the means,
if you could go back, bury
in text, this might have been
better, just say it once,

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