Friday, March 07, 2014


i was in an instance, fluxwhore,
the interwebs, cuz that’s his grandma
over there, fluxho, meat cluster,
sarah timber, pochette, meat as
material, concrete freedom, the
dangerous age, the change of life,
in propria persona, a hat of
orange light, lugarhoos, zootie,
caccachat, douens, shado beni,
nail hat to wall, glauque,
maquero, information free
moment, the writer obviously
had nothing to say, the paper is
much brighter before the words
get on it, pppata, the arrow
points to the hole, dear writer,
kluge hammer, anacoluthia,
her energy comes, pound’s
dyslexia, this line is supposed
to be upside-down,

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